Yongnuo YN 100mm f/2 prime Lens for Canon EF


Yongnuo YN 100mm f/2 prime Lens for Canon EF

AED 825.00 AED 775.00

  • Maximum aperture f/2 and minimum f/22.
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 90cm.
  • Maximum play ratio of 1: 7.1.
  • 0.14x magnification and 100mm focal length.
  • Large aperture for great low-light performance and tight depth-of-field control
  • Gold-plated mount contacts
  • Lens communicates EXIF data to camera
  • Works with camera exposure modes (M/P/AV/TV)
  • Focus as close as 3′ away in either AF or MF
  • Works well with full-frame cameras or APS-C (crop-sensor equivalent of 160mm)
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Featuring truly great build quality, EXIF and camera exposure mode functionality, a nine-blade aperture diaphram, and multiple coated glass elements, this telephoto lens is a fantastic addition to your gear bag.

This Yongnuo lens and Canon’s own 100mm F2.0 both feature eight glass lens elements, have a maximum magnification of 0.14x, and an aperture range of F2 to F22. The Yongnuo lens arranges its elements in five groups while Canon’s own model uses six; Canon’s EF 100mm F2 USM also has eight blades in its iris, while Yongnuo uses nine for a smoother bokeh and more aesthetically-pleasing lens flare effects. With this lens you’ll be able to focus as close as three feet away from your subject, both in manual focus mode and autofocus, and thanks to the multi-coated lens you’ll get great color rendition and contrast.


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